Issue #147

This week's issue features articles about React Native optimization and how to implement a split view on a tablet.

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

Caching in the Android Build Process
The Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization
Building a Solana Wallet Cross-Platform App with Expo, Web3 & React Native
How to Set Up Your React Native App
5 Tips to Solve Common Pitfalls With React Native
How to Implement Split View on a Tablet with React Native

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Community highlights

What I Saw
Upgrading Ignite's boilerplate to React Native 0.67

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RNR 225 - Behind Our Decision to Cancel Chain React 2022
We get the band together — Todd, Gant, and Jamon, along with Mazen as co-host, to discuss our decision about Chain React 2022 and some intriguing alternatives.

RNR 226 - GraphQL inReact Native

Robin’s back! And Eve Porcello, author of Learning React and Learning GraphQL, joins us to talk GraphQL in React Native
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