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We’ve decided to hold off on the 2022 Chain React conference. Why? Because we believe in the power of human connection. Read our official announcement on our website

Message from the Editor-In-Chief

RNN 146 message from the Editor In Chief
A message from Jon Major Condon, Editor-In-Chief of the React Native Newsletter

Chain React Conf vs COVID — 2022

A Definitive Guide to React Native Testing Library

Lazy loading RN components from a server

Add a Splash Screen - The Easy Way

A RN Engineer Builds a Swift App (The Good, The Bad, and The ???)

Integrating Biometrics in a React Native App

React Native Live

Join Infinite Red CTO, Jamon Holmgren, every Wednesday from 1-3 pm PST and every Friday from 10 am - 12 pm PST for React Native Live! Keep up with Jamon on Twitter for reminders of upcoming live streams. And if you can't join live, then you can find the streams over on our Youtube channel!

In this session, Jamon is joined by Infinite Red Sr. Software Engineer Mazen Chami and they pair on building a simple React Native app that demonstrates techniques for implementing RTL Arabic. Download the app here.
Ship Better Mobile Apps With These 5 Tips
In this webinar, you’ll learn several best practices for working in mobile that allow your team to innovate rapidly while delivering a compelling, competitive mobile app.
Keep your React Native Applications Performant (and your users happy)
If your code goes awry, you need to imagine what that customer support ticket will look like. Sentry removes the need to imagine by providing rich context about errors and performance slowdowns in your React Native applications.

Get started with a free trial, or give Sentry’s Sandbox a test drive before you signup.

React Native Paper

React Native Owl

RNR 224 - React Native Web on Next.js with Fernando Rojo

In this episode, Mazen and Jon Major are joined by Fernando Rojo, Co-Founder and CTO at BeatGig, to discuss the ins and outs of working with React Native Web on Next.js.

RNR 225 - Behind Our Decision to Cancel Chain React 2022

We get the band together — Todd, Gant, and Jamon, along with Mazen as co-host, to discuss our decision about Chain React 2022 and some intriguing alternatives.
2D Box rendering test of the Skia graphics library for React Native

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