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A message from Jon Major Condon, Editor-In-Chief of the React Native Newsletter

How to setup Localization support in React Native

Build a Chat App with Firebase and React Native

Switch between project build variations (prod/env) in React Native

What is "Don't Keep Activities" in Android? - GeeksforGeeks

Workflow: From Excel translations to multi-language React (Native) app

Create a Real-Time Medical App with React Native

React Native Live

Join Infinite Red CTO, Jamon Holmgren, every Wednesday from 1-3 pm PST and every Friday from 10 am - 12 pm PST for React Native Live! Keep up with Jamon on Twitter for reminders of upcoming live streams. And if you can't join live, then you can find the streams over on our Youtube channel!
Keep your React Native Applications Performant (and your users happy)
If your code goes awry, you need to imagine what that customer support ticket will look like. Sentry removes the need to imagine by providing rich context about errors and performance slowdowns in your React Native applications.

Get started with a free trial, or give Sentry’s Sandbox a test drive before you signup.
Help us build the future of healthcare for kids!
We use React Native to build for macOS & iOS. We're building medical clinics and the tech that powers them, all focused on the best care and experience for kids and parents.
Software Engineer - React Native
Juni is revolutionizing banking for digital entrepreneurs around the world. As their financial companion, we build products that help them understand their business and sell smarter, with features including global accounts, unlimited virtual cards, and an overview of cash flow. See for yourself at As our first React Native Engineer you will be setting up our mobile app from the grounds up and making sure that we follow best practices for releases, over-the-air updates, testing and development experience.

RNUI (UI Toolset & Components Library for React Native) v6.7.0


RNR 222 - The New Architecture with Kevin Gozali from the RN core team

Meta engineering manager Kevin Gozali joins the show to talk about the React Native new architecture -- TurboModules, Fabric, codegen, and whether React Native developers need to go learn C++!

RNR 223- What's the difference between React.js and React Native?

In this episode, Mark Rickert joins the show again to talk with Jamon and Mazen about the differences between React.js and React Native.
2D Box rendering test of the Skia graphics library for React Native

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