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Expo SDK 43 beta is now available

React Native — Monorepos & Code Sharing

What’s new in Expo modules infrastructure

What’s new in Expo modules infrastructure

Use React.memo() wisely

Top 7 myths about Expo in 2021
iMessage clone using Stream Chat and React Native

Stream recently published an open source clone of iMessage application built using v3 of stream-chat-react-native library. This project demonstrates the implementation of message search, swipeable channel list, message list, reactions etc., similar to that of iMessage.



RNR 213 - We React to News

Jamon, Jon Major, Mazen, and Harris talk about the latest React Native news, including some recent React Native announcements and Expo news.

RNR 214 - React Native: Android Native Components

Jon Major, Mazen, and Jamon do an overview of what’s involved with building Android native components and hooking them up to the JavaScript side of React Native.

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