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Giveaway time!

Thank you all for being here, and to show our appreciation we're doing a giveaway!

If you have been following the videos over on TikTok, you have a good idea of each item in the giveaway! Do let me know if you have been enjoying the video content!

Oh, and lastly... here is the link to The React Native Newsletter Giveaway!



Microsoft Goes All-In On React Native For Their Mobile Apps

Running React Native everywhere

How to implement over the air updates with expo-updates in React Native

The 8 Best Blockchain Apps Built With React Native


Calculate to set responsive view on React Native

React Native Live

Join Infinite Red CTO, Jamon Holmgren, every Wednesday from 1-3 pm PST and every Friday from 10 am - 12 pm PST for React Native Live! Keep up with Jamon on Twitter for reminders of upcoming live streams. And if you can't join live, then you can find the streams over on our Youtube channel!
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RNR 210 - Exploring Shopify’s Restyle with Haris Mahmood

Jamon, Jon Major, and Mazen interview Haris Mahmood about Shopify’s “Restyle” styling system. We talk about why Restyle is TypeScript-first and how it helps scale their styles at Shopify.

RNR 211 - Transitioning from Native to React Native at Coinbase

Coinbase’s Brent Walter and Jacob Thornton join the show today to talk about Coinbase’s switch from native to React Native, and discuss how important it is to get buy-in. Great show to listen to if you’re considering this switch...

React Native EU 2019: Orta Therox - iOS Build Infrastructure Overview

Enhancing your React Native App with Haptics, Sounds and Micro-Animations

React Native Shared Element Transition React Navigation V5 - Episode 1

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