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Why Appleā€™s new privacy feature is such a big deal

How To Make Your React Native App More Performant?

Hermes Performance on iOS

How to Fully Clean a React Native Project

How to use React Native Geolocation to get Postal Address

My experience coding a React Native app from an iPad, using a remote work station


Seeking Senior React, React Native, or Node Developers | 100% Remote

Looking for highly competent engineers that take pride in their craft, are never satisfied with their knowledge base, and bring enthusiasm to building applications in React, React Native, and/or Node. Ideal candidates are comfortable working in dynamic engineering environments and display strong communication and documentation skills.



RNR 195 - React Native 0.64

Harris, Robin, and Jamon look at the newly released React Native 0.64 and go through all the changes, including Hermes on iOS.

RNR 196 - The Art Of Code Review

Robin and Jamon discuss the art of code review -- pairing, empathy, and projector reviews. An NBA trade almost derails the conversation.

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