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My name is Jon Major Condon (Jon Major). I am a Software Engineer with a camera! I have been a Software Engineer for the past seven years and have spent the last four years in React web. Furthermore, I am a Creative that spends time crafting internet videos and photos! As your new message-bearer of the React Native Newsletter, you can expect to see informative React Native content that piques your interests in new outlandish ways! Fasten yourself as I begin to forge a new React Native Newsletter!

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Jon Major Condon
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Announcing React Native 0.64 with Hermes on iOS

Clean APIs in React with TypeScript

How to Add Video Calling to a React Native App

7 Best Practices for React Native Applications

Performance Monitoring Support for React Native

Fixing the most annoying RN bug I know

maintainVisibleContentPositionprop support for Android react-native

In react-native, ScrollView (and FlatList) component have support for a prop maintainVisibleContentPosition, which is really useful for chat-like applications where you want to see new messages scroll into place. Also, you might need it in other applications where you need bi-directional infinite scroll. Although currently it's only supported on iOS. Stream has built a simple wrapper for FlatList and ScrollView to add support for this prop for android. 


Some advice: Do good. Join a clever and kind team. Move to New Zealand.

mSupply Foundation is a not-for-profit that makes software that helps over 100 million people in low-income countries get access to medicines. We're all-in on React and React native for our new work, and we need help. We have a fantastic team- kind, caring, clever. Read more at the link. The job is based in Auckland, New Zealand, so you need to be prepared to move here. We'll help.


React Native Hold Menu

RNR 192 - A day in the life of a React Native developer

Whether you're new to React Native or a seasoned veteran, you'll love this episode! Today, Jamon and Robin talk about what a day in the life of a React Native developer looks like. They discuss tricks of the trade that they've l...

RNR 193 - Flutter 2 Release

Flutter 2 was released recently, and Robin and Jamon discuss what’s different from Flutter 1, how it compares to React Native, and give their opinions on Flutter and Dart in general....

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Jon Major Condon
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