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Hey Readers!

It's the end of the year...again...and what a year... πŸ€ͺ😳😬
I hope you've enjoyed all the content over this past year, and I look forward to bringing you much more in 2021! I'm planning on doing a few giveaways as well as continuing Frank's Picks next year, and maybe even a few surprises... πŸ˜‰
Feel free to follow the newsletter at @RNNewsletter as we're putting out a few of the articles featured in the newsletter in there as well as a other interesting info about React Native from time to time.
Here's to 2021! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Implementing MIUI's Wave Animation 🌊 Using React Native Reanimated v2

React State Management: What Is It and Why to Use it?

Realtime Apps with React Native and WebSockets:
Client-side Challenges

The Journey of React-Native at Flipkart

React Hooks: A Beginners Guide

Introducing React Native Support for Nx

5 Years of React Native: Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started

New Reanimated V2 Shines ⚑️

Engineering Manager

Our Mobile Engineers are a critical part of our mission to deliver the cleanest, smartest, most efficient and trustworthy content to our users. You will architect and grow new and existing codebases, give technical input and feedback to Axios’ product and design teams for new features, and help develop the skills of your teammates with industry best practices around testing, accessibility, and documentation.

Senior Mobile Engineer

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Best in Class React Native Crash Reporting πŸš€

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RNR 181 - React Native Nigeria with Oluwatobi Shokunbi

The hosts interview Oluwatobi Shokunbi, an avid software engineer from Nigeria, about his journey as a developer, the forming of React Native Nigeria, and the emergence of the Nigerian developer scene

RNR 182 - React Native on the Web with Simon Sturmer

Simon Sturmer (ex-Facebook, Google) joins the panel to talk about React Native Web. Why use RN on the web? What advantages and what pain points are there? And a bonus side rant about Android!

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