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Hey Readers!

There's a lot going on in the world right now as I'm sure you're aware. In the U.S., it's a situation that we haven't really experienced ever before. We've had epidemics and pandemics before, yes, but our society has never been as large and interconnected which makes this current situation a bit unique.

So, everybody stay safe where you are and start a new project, invent something we didn't know we needed, write some dev posts, or just use a bit of this time to build a new skill - programming or otherwise. Even if you learn a small new coding trick - write a post or make a video and submit it via the Article Suggestion Form. I think it would be cool to feature the work of our readers in a new section called - "Quarantine Quarter." 🤪


P.S. The Frank's Picks video will return next issue
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Improve Your Redux Skills by Writing Custom Middleware

Level-up your skills and save yourself some development time by learning how to write custom middleware like redux-thunk

Definitive Guide to Getting Started w/React Native in 2020

In this guide, you'll learn how React Native was created, its basics, advantages and weaknesses as well as the growth and popularity of the framework. A really thorough read filled with goodies.

17 React Native UI Libraries You Should Know in 2020

The pros, cons, and rankings of the React Native UI libraries available to get your app built and out the door without you having to reinvent the wheel for the UI of your app.

What I've Learned Creating a React Native Performance Monitor

A brief introduction to the react-native-performance-monitor tool (checkout Community Highlights below for the library), for React Native & React, covering the why, what, and how-to of the tool to get zappier speed out of your app!

Best Practices While Developing a React Native App

If you're new to React Native,  this article will start you in the right direction. If you've been using it for years, it should give you some new practices to try to maintain sanity as your projects grow .

Best in Class React Native Crash Reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your React Native apps using Bugsnag. Handle minified JS using sourcemaps. Surface fully symbolicated stacktraces for JavaScript, iOS, & Android all in one place. Try it free.

Chain React 2020 - Cancelled

The organizers of Chain React have decided to cancel the conference for 2020 due to widespread concerns about the coronavirus. We couldn’t ask our staff, speakers, workshop instructors, and attendees to make travel plans in this time of uncertainty. 
* For people who have already purchased tickets: we will transfer your ticket and workshop purchase to Chain React 2021. If this is a hardship, please contact us.


Looking increase startup times, screen transitions, and load times? This library will help you turbocharge your app in no time!


Better than just AsyncStorage, this library allows you to store objects/arrays without stringifying them first, and a bunch more!

React Native and Accessibility
AgentConf - Erin Fox

React Native Long Press Animation Challenge

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