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What's up Readers!

It's the last issue of the year! There's so much to look forward to in 2020 with conferences, meetups, and the exciting new developments in React Native! This issue has some great content as usual and even a little native coding to stretch your developer muscles. Be sure to look for an exciting new feature for the newsletter very shortly from yours truly...

Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

How to Use the Pinch to Zoom Gesture in React Native Apps

Get a handle on gestures using react-native-gesture-handler by creating a small demo that allows the user to use two fingers to pinch to zoom-in on an image!

React Native Memory Profiling (JSC vs V8 vs Hermes)

New JSC handles memory better than its previous version, followed by Hermes, but react-native-v8 beats them by a huge margin in app startup memory, handling the memory of a flat list, and more...

Animating Your App’s Intro With React Native and Airbnb’s Lottie (Part 1)

In this 4-part series of articles, you'll make an app intro component with Expo, React Navigation, styled components, and the animations library Lottie from Airbnb.

How to Build a News App with Search and Load More Functionality Using React Native and Redux

Build a News App using Redux, Axios, React Navigation, React Native Elements, & React Native WebView using the News API API as a data source. 🗞

How to Embed a Web Server in your React Native App in Swift

In this more advanced article, you'll create a module for React Native that interacts with a Swift SDK to turn your iOS device into an HTTP server which serves a static HTML file.





Enjoy React Native in Action at 50% off from Manning!

To celebrate the full release of React Native in Action by Nader Dabit, Manning Publications are offering 50% off your entire order! Just enter the code reactnativecc50 in the Discount Code box when you check out.

Remote React Native Developers Wanted

FullStack Labs is currently hiring experienced React Native developers throughout the USA and Colombia. We offer competitive compensation, tons of benefits, flexible work schedules, and the chance to work on interesting projects for leading companies. Apply now!

Create an Animated Clock with Animated API in Expo

Using AysncStorage to Create a Settings Screen


React Native: the Past, the Present and the Future
Lorenzo Sciandra
React Advanced Conf

 Kelset touches on Fabric, Lean Core, and a whole lot more.  Learn about what’s going on in the React Native ecosphere.

The Shapes of React Native

This post has so many shapes I dare you to try them all…triangles, diamonds, stars, hearts… it’s not lucky charms, it’s this great post that I know you’ll be glad you checked out!

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