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There's only 4 more issues remaining in this decade and then we'll be in the "Roaring 20s" again! So you've got that to look forward well as performance improvements, quick UI layout, and serverless video upload to name just a few highlights in this issue!

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Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

React Native Car Parking Finder App UI Clone #1 : Map View

Check out part 1 of this series on how to locate your car on a map. In this part you'll implement the map view as well as divide the MapView screen into different UI sections for later use in the series.

Troubleshooting React Native Projects and AndroidX

Check out this post on the latest changes to Android including AndroidX, best practices, and all the other questions you've been afraid to ask.

Designing a Custom UI with react-native-paper

If you've ever said, "I am a programmer with no design skills, and I want to build a decent-looking MVP as quickly as possible." Then this post will help you make a great looking app in no time with the use of react-native-paper.

How My MacBook Pro TouchBar Boosted My Debugging Efficiency with React Native on Android

Learn how to add a custom button to your MacBook's TouchBar and wire it up to "shake" your Android emulator for quick dev menu access!

How to Speed Up the Opening of Your React Native App on Android

Use this post to learn how integrate and enable Turbo Modules in your React Native Android app and get a start-up experience that's similar to native!


Install this patch to make the onEndReached prop work great on FlatList!


A library to show images grid in chat messages like WhatsApp & FB Messenger.

Announcing BuilderX in the Browser: A Design Tool for React Native & React

BuilderX has come a long way and we are thrilled to announce it in the browser with core focus on Teams & Collaboration with React Native and React export targets. Try it out today!

Best in Class React Native Crash Reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your React Native apps using Bugsnag. Handle minified JS using sourcemaps. Surface fully symbolicated stacktraces for JavaScript, iOS, & Android all in one place. Try it free.

Remote React Native Developers Wanted

FullStack Labs is currently hiring experienced React Native developers throughout the USA and Colombia. We offer competitive compensation, tons of benefits, flexible work schedules, and the chance to work on interesting projects for leading companies. Apply now!

React Conf 2019: Tom Occhino
Day 1 Keynote


React Conf 2019: Becca Bailey
The State of React State in 2019

React Native: Upload to Vimeo Without a Server


Front End to Back End: Communicating With a React Native WebView

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