Issue #90

Hi Readers!

I know the last issue had so much content and 80s Nic Cage that you might still be digesting it all, but ready or not, here comes another issue of the React Native Newsletter!

This issue is a little lighter but still has some great posts, videos, and the usual assortment of React Native accoutrements.

The first article in this issue is about facial recognition, and I think I know someone who will be very happy about that one...

Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Create a Facial Recognition Attendance App in React Native

In this tutorial, you'll create an app that uses facial recognition to verify that a student has attended a class.

How to Use the Geolocation API in a React Native App

Master user location in your React Native app by building a real-time weather app using this step-by-step guide and the OpenWeatherMap API.

Creating a Trivia App with Ignite Bowser — Part II

In part II of this post, you'll finish creating a trivia app with MobX State Tree and Bowser by hooking up some screens to complete the data lifecycle.

Introduction to React Native Navigation

Learn the in's and out's of react-native-navigation from Wix with a detailed walk-thru in this post and you'll be navigating around your app in no time.

Are You Ready for Human Readable?

It won’t give you fluff. It will make you think. It may change the way you code. A new magazine by programmers for programmers is pre-launching now on Kickstarter. Sign up now for exclusive early-adopter perks and deals before they are gone!

Learn React Hooks's original React course launched in 2016 and has since been taken by over 80K students with an avg rating of 4.8/5. Today, we’re excited to launch its successor. Built from the ground up, their new React and React Hooks courses will teach you everything you need to know about writing React in 2019.

React Native Contractors in 7 days or less!

G2i is a React Native focused hiring platform that pre-vets its developers through code challenges and technical interviews to ensure their developers can start adding value on your team the first week. Need a React Native Developer for your next project? Chat with G2i.


How autolinking works in React Native projects and how to take advantage of it. Right from the official docs!


Easily upgrade your React Native project created with Infinite Red's Bowser template.

Expo for Everyone
Brent Vatne
Chain React 2019


Convert a React Native Project to Typescript in 10 Minutes
Alex Hinson
Chain React 2019

Getting Started with React Hooks

Learn React Hooks by building two example apps: temperature and drag-drop. These apps are in React.js but they illustrate the principles of hooks that you can use in your React Native projects. 

React Native Guide: Key Takeaways to Get You Started

This post is for developers getting into React Native, but it's worth a read for experienced developers because it delves into the React Native environment and under the hood a bit - you might just learn something new .

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