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If that meme doesn’t say it all...
As you can tell, there’s only one week until Chain React! I’ll be there working backstage making sure everything goes smoothly with all of the speakers, but I might pop my head out and Last year I was able to make a great collage of pictures with all the great people I met and feature it in the newsletter so if you spot me, come say “Hi” and get a pic with me! 📸

This issue is filled with great posts and modules, but you can expect the next issue to be filled with great content and exclusive announcements from Chain React!
Speaking of great announcements, if you didn’t see this Tweet from Dan Abramov, React Native will soon have Fast Refresh for your developing pleasure! 🤗

Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

React Native + Firebase Cloud Firestore: Implementing Infinite Scroll (Lazy Loading) With FlatList

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Medium use Infinite Scroll (Lazy Loading). Find out how to do it in your own app using Firebase and save some in read costs.

React Native & MongoDB Stitch — Building a CRUD Application Without a Server

This post is pretty tight for developing a basic POC full-stack app with React Native You'll learn how to build a simple task manager app and get it talking to a serverless backend in 30 minutes!

Using Auth0 for Authenticating Users in a React Native Chat App

In this post you'll create a chat app with login and learn how to setup authentication with Auth0, use it in your app, and then integrate Auth0 with Chatkit.

Getting Started with GraphQL in React Native

This post demonstrates how to implement the full GraphQL stack by learning how to build a Pokemon viewer app that picks a random Pokemon and displays it on the screen. 

React Native Contractors in 7 days or less!

G2i is a React Native focused hiring platform that pre-vets its developers through code challenges and technical interviews to ensure their developers can start adding value on your team the first week. Need a React Native Developer for your next project? Chat with G2i.

1 Week Until Chain React 2019!

• Meet other React & React Native developers
• Learn from the best in React Native: speakers from Facebook, Google, Amazon Web Services and others!
• Explore Portland’s breweries, roasteries and awesome summer weather
Get your tickets and book hotels while they’re still available!


A cross-platform Youtube Player component for React Native Built using the official YouTube IFrame Player API.


This library enqueues LayoutAnimations to de-dup multiple competing attempts to execute the animation.

Built with React Native - The App

This post came out awhile ago, but it’s worth a look into this full featured e-commerce app built with React Native that even includes AR, PayPal integration, and a lot more.


This ongoing collection of Animations created by Alexander Pataridze contains awesome ways to create advanced animations while preserving 60 FPS!

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