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There's only a couple of weeks before Chain React so if you don't have you ticket yet, your time's running out!

This issue is jam packed with great content including the much anticipated Frank's Picks section! It includes two announcements from the React Native Core team about their Open Source Update and a discussion about "What you dislike about React Native." So be sure to check those out and give them your feedback!  

Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Learn React Hooks by Writing Your First Hook

Grab a seat in your comfy place and get ready to level-up as you enjoy a wonderful in-depth explanation of a class vs hooks, the reasoning behind them, how to use built-in hook methods and create your own hook with examples, and much more!

Getting Started with Firestore and React Native

Complete with a demo app from scratch, this post on how to integrate the Firestore cloud database into your app and how Firebase & React Native work together is one you'll want to bookmark for that weekend project you've been meaning to start!

Creating an Accelerometer-Powered Maze Game in React Native

Build a game that uses the phone’s accelerometer to move a ball through a maze and learn how to incorporate React Native SensorsMatterJS, and React Native Game Engine into your app! 

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Merging to Master

A nice article on how to simplify your React Native workflow using Expo, Detox, CI, tests, and more!  

Building AR Apps in React Native, Powered by GraphQL Using Hasura

Thinking about getting into AR? Check out this great walk-thru post on how to use Viro and Hasura to make AR portals, markers, and more!

React Native Contractors in 7 days or less!

G2i is a React Native focused hiring platform that pre-vets its developers through code challenges and technical interviews to ensure their developers can start adding value on your team the first week. Need a React Native Developer for your next project? Chat with G2i.

Focus Management with React Native on TV Platforms

When developing applications for connected TV and Smart TV platforms, it’s important to remember that user input comes from a remote. This blog talks about how to build a React Native-based streaming video app for mobile, tablet, and TV devices using You.i TV’s cross-platform SDK, You.i Engine One. 


Clean and powerful Eva Icons implementation for React Native based on react-native-svg elements


A React Native ScrollView footer with a little give


React Native module that allows you to draw vector graphics


A UI library with ready-made components, typography, and an easily adaptable base theme 

Only 3 Weeks Until Chain React 2019!

• Meet other React & React Native developers
• Learn from the best in React Native: speakers from Facebook, Google, Amazon Web Services and others!
• Explore Portland’s breweries, roasteries and awesome summer weather
Get your tickets and book hotels while they’re still available!

React Native Open Source Update June 2019


"What do you dislike about React Native?" June 2019 Edition


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