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This issue is packed with the usually great articles and modules including animation and Storybook just to name a few, plus some exciting React Native open source update news!

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Make a React Hook Out of Your Native Module

How to write your own custom hook using React Native's Clipboard API as an example!

Choosing React Native for Your Mobile Tech Stack

This site is a great extensive resource if you're considering or want to convince your company to use React Native for your next project. Or if you just want to learn more about the proliferation of React Native.

Let’s Get Moving: An Introduction to React Native Animations

If you haven't used animations in React Native yet, here's a quick little walkthrough demo to get a taste on how to add animation to your app.

How to Publish a React Native Component to NPM

Can't find an NPM package that you need for your React Native app? No worries! Just make your own library and publish it to NPM using this post!

Storybook 5.0

A great post showcasing all the goodies that are included in Storybook 5.0, including a brand new UI!

Reply From Facebook About "What Do You Dislike About React Native?"

A summary of the key take-aways from the question Facebook asked the community about the pain points of working with React Native.

Imitating NYer Today’s Realistic Swipe Deck with React-Native Animation

A great explanatory post on how react-native-realistic-swiper-deck (featured below) works - featuring the code and methodologies used to replicate the New Yorker's "NYer Today" app.

Improve Your App Quality with the Ultimate Feedback Platform

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Best in Class React Native Crash Reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your React Native apps using Bugsnag. Handle minified JS using sourcemaps. Surface fully symbolicated stacktraces for JavaScript, iOS, & Android all in one place. Try it free.

Taming the Living Room TV with React Native and You.i Engine One

Learn how You.i TV's development partner, G2i, pushed the boundaries of React Native with You.i Engine One, creating an app that extends to Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox — and pretty much anything else you can plug into a TV!

You Can Now Use Expo APIs in Any React Native App

React Native Open Source Update March 2019

Chain React Conf 2019

Chain React 2019 is coming up! If you’re hiring or want some instant feedback on a new tool you’re working on, over 500 React Native developers will be there to network.

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