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Hi Readers!

Great content as usual this week, from testing to animations, but I'm burying the lead...
Time to announce the random winner of a free ticket to React Amsterdam!

The winner is...

  Pritesh Jain  

Thanks to our partners at React Amsterdam and thanks to all of you who tweeted, we plan to do more things like this for you, so stay tuned!

Happy reading!

P.S. Pritesh you have until February 15th to DM the React Native Newsletter twitter and claim your free ticket!
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Learn how to test your React Native app with a combination of unit, component, and end-to-end tests.

Building a Component Library with Storybook

Video tutorial series on getting the most out of Storybook in your app.


Announcing Ignite Bowser 3.0 — The Flattening

A thorough explanation of recent enhancements to Infinite Red's latest Ignite boilerplate!

Building a Swiper with Animated Background Color in React Native

Keep your Animated skills sharp by making this component that transitions its background color on each swipe!

Embracing React Native for Lean Mobile Development (Part 1 of 2)

A two part series on how and why the TenX Wallet app team migrated to React Native, their strategy, and lessons learned.

Building a Camera App with React Native

A real nice in-depth post about creating a camera app with a Snapchat like UI using Expo. 📸

Improve Your App Quality with the Ultimate Feedback Platform

Minimize debugging time. Gather your entire app data with every bug and crash report. Debug both Native and JavaScript stack traces. Create in-app user surveys and send NPS ratings. Takes just a minute to setup. Get started now for free.

Taming the Living Room TV with React Native and You.i Engine One

Learn how You.i TV's development partner, G2i, pushed the boundaries of React Native with You.i Engine One, creating an app that extends to Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox — and pretty much anything else you can plug into a TV!





Best in Class React Native Crash Reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your React Native apps using Bugsnag. Handle minified JS using sourcemaps. Surface fully symbolicated stacktraces for JavaScript, iOS, & Android all in one place. Try it free.


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