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We have a bunch of great content this issue including two videos on React Navigation V3 and an announcement from the React Native team on the state of the community and plans for its future.
Be sure to check out the post below so you can find ways of getting involved in the evolution of React Native!

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Speak in Front of the Biggest React Audience in the World

Submit a talk proposal to React Amsterdam Conference in 2019, and get to share your experience with 1300+ international attendees, open source contributors, and the biggest companies visiting the conference. Let's celebrate React's success together in a friendly, festival-like setup!

Just like last year, there are going to be two parallel tracks to cover both React and React Native ecosystems. The CFP is open to a broad variety of talks targeting experienced React engineers from across the globe. 

React Native's New Architecture - Glossary of Terms

"As the React Native team is working on the new architecture, there have been a few terms used to describe the various pieces. This post aims to clarify some of the terms and points to places in the repository with relevant code."

The State of the React Native Community in 2018

An update from the React Native team about what's available to the community, a new Twitter account to follow announcements, and a look into the future of the community and React Native.

How to Build A Facial Recognition Mobile App with React Native, Expo, and Kairos

 A great walk-through on how to develop a basic face-detecting mobile app with React Native and Expo. 


Fingopay Meets React Native

The story of how React Native was the best solution for a cutting-edge technology such as a biometric payment system.

Chain React 2019 — The React Native Conference

A sneak-peek at the returning US React Native conference including a few announced speakers and forthcoming highlights.

Automated End-to-End Testing in React Native with Detox

A step-by-step guide for getting Detox tests running on your React Native project.

Taming the Living Room TV with React Native and You.i Engine One

Learn how You.i TV's development partner, G2i, pushed the boundaries of React Native with You.i Engine One, creating an app that extends to Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox — and pretty much anything else you can plug into a TV!


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React Navigation V3 - What's New?

React Navigation V3 - Drawer Navigator Tutorial





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