Issue #75

Happy New Year Readers!

Have you made your resolutions for 2019? Maybe make this the year you finally grok React Native animations or PanResponder? Attend a React Native conference? Whatever you're planning on doing this year, we've got you covered for React Native news in the new year!

Speaking of conferences...don't forget we're partnering with React Amsterdam and giving away a free ticket to the conference this year. Also, their CFP is open now, and they're also offering diversity tickets! Stay tuned for the next issue to find out how you can win a ticket!

Happy New Year! Happy reading! Happy coding!
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

React Native Bridge for iOS and Android

An in-depth article about how to create a cross-platform React Native bridge which works on both iOS and Android by accessing Swift and Java from JavaScript.

Demystifying React Native Modules Linking

Ever had trouble linking your React Native project? We all have! This post explains what can you do when react-native link doesn't work?

PayPal Integration in React Native

An extensive look into how to setup a PayPal account and integrate a PayPal payment method with REST API calls in your React Native app.

Serverless Tweeting App with React Native and AWS Amplify (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3 of a great series on creating a Twitter-like app using AWS Amplify. A nice step-by-step walk-through of getting Amplify integrated into your app.

How To Make A Simple ‘Accelerometer’-Based Driving Game with React Native Expo

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create (and improve upon) your own version of an accelerometer-based racing game with React Native Expo.

Engaging, Hands-On React Native Training

Learn React Native in just 3 days from the experienced engineers at Infinite Red! Infinite Red Academy offers high-quality training for development teams and companies. We promise expert-level training, engaging instructors and tangible results.

The Future of React Native - RN Fabric (Is Pretty Awesome!)





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