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The holidays are upon us already and another great year is coming to a close. Chain React has already announced its dates for July 11-12, 2019 so mark your calendars! Also the CFP opens this Monday, November 26. As usual, this issue is packed with great posts, modules, and two awesome videos, so check them out while you're feasting this Thanksgiving!

Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

React Native vs. Native

Pros and Cons of learning React Native or Native iOS or Android development plus a dive into porting a native component into React Native via the bridge!

The Beginner’s Guide to React Native UI Libraries

A nice post from our friends at Instabug, with a curated list of some great UI libraries to easily bootstrap your React Native project with style.

90% Code Reuse In Production with React Native For Web — How DataCamp Ported Their Mobile App to The Browser

The first post in a series in which DataCamp describes the process of porting a mobile application to the web and their initial goals and motivation for the project.

Typescript vs. Flow

A Githib Gist on the pros and cons of TypeScript and Flow and a fine analysis leading to a chosen winner.

How to Add Facebook Login to a React-Native App with Expo, Firebase and Typescript

Awesome step-by-step walk-through on adding Facebook authentication to your Expo app.

Get Powerful React Native Crash Reporting

Automatically detect crashes in your React Native apps using Bugsnag. Handle minified JS using sourcemaps and surface fully symbolicated stacktraces for JavaScript, iOS, and Android all in one place. Get started with our free trial.

Remote React Native Developers Wanted

FullStack Labs is currently hiring experienced React Native developers throughout the USA and Colombia. We offer competitive compensation, tons of benefits, flexible work schedules, and the chance to work on interesting projects for leading companies. Apply now!

React State Museum    Connect.Tech

Can It Be Done in React Native?     Tinder Swiping

React Native for Video - What You Need to Know

If you’re considering using React Native to build your suite of video apps, or you’re already using React Native for your mobile video app and are looking to extend to TV devices, this blog outlines what you need to know. 

Build Faster React Native Projects Using Modular & Responsive Code. Integrate Into Your Own Projects in Minutes

Plug and play React Native UI elements, screens and starter kits you can integrate into your projects. Features like Navigation using React Navigation, Authentication with firebase or hosted servers, state management using redux implemented. Get custom UI to code services for React Native projects too.



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