Issue #69

Hello Readers,

We've got a full issue this week with a new React Native version (0.57), a new iOS WebView, some nice articles, and some fun modules! Also, I recently published three articles about getting React Native setup on Mac, Windows, & Linux.
Finally, I'll be heading to Connect.Tech in Atlanta, GA to teach the React Native Workshop on October 17, so come say "Hi" if you're going to be there!

P.S. The Newsletter is less than 100 subscribers from hitting 10,000!
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Progressive Image Loading in React Native

How to build a component that allows progressive image loading so your images have a fast and smooth appearance while they're being fetched from a url.

How to Easily Configure Launch Icons in React Native — Android & iOS

How to use RN toolbox to easily setup icons for deployment on iOS & Android!

Square Reader SDK for React Native

Square releases a npm module for their SDK to allow you to integrate in-person payments into your React Native app!

A React Native Boilerplate from TheCodingMachine

A React Native boilerplate based on libraries such as Redux and Redux-Saga with an architecture that facilitates separation of concerns between UI, state management, and business logic.

Get Detailed Feedback from Users In-App

Tired of wasting time debugging your react native app and not focusing on what matters? Instabug SDK is here to help you minimize your debugging time by sending you complete environment details, network logs, and repro-steps with every bug and crash report. All data is attached automatically including native and javascript stack trace. The top mobile companies like Lyft, eBay, PayPal, and 9gag rely on Instabug to enhance their app quality and iterate faster. It only takes a line of code to integrate the SDK.

Senior Software Engineer in Munich Germany

Join the team behind the world’s largest social network for expatriates and build awesome mobile apps using React native. Quality software engineering in the beautiful city of Munich in Germany. International, English speaking team from over 40 countries. Relocation support provided.


Introducing new iOS WebViews



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