Issue #67

Hello Readers,

This issue arrives in your mailbox on the eve of the first day of talks at React Native EU! I was close to going, but due to bad weather in Chicago I missed my international connection flight and had to sleep in the airport . So yeah...
My buddy Gant Laborde is speaking there, so I'm sure he'll have plenty of tweets from the conference. 

Great articles in this issue, including a npm module by yours truly
Stay tuned for highlights from React Native EU in the next issue!
Executive Editor,
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

How to Configure and Code Android In-App Purchases in React Native Apps

Follow these simple steps to get in-app purchases working on Android via the Google Play Developer Console and react-native-billing!

Automating CodePush Deploys with Fastlane

How to configure Fastlane to release CodePush deploys for iOS and Android by using a simple script right from the command line.

Get Started with React Native Animations

Check out this concise walk-through, complete with an Expo snack, for getting animations running in your React Native app in 3 simple steps! 

Simple Routing in React Native with React Native Easy Router

A new simple navigation router that lets you configure screen transitions and has a hook-in to Redux, and more...wut!

Succintly - Made With React Native

"Succintly is an ad-free, account free iOS App that acts as a browser extension. It lets you get a summary of any webpage (article, blog post, etc.) directly from the browser."

10 Essential React Native Interview Questions

Brush up on how React Native works and how to work with it with these "interview" questions (with answers ) for a checkup of your React Native knowledge.



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