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One month until Chain React 2018! I'm pretty excited because not only will I be there working behind the scenes by prepping speakers and keeping the show running smoothly, but also I'll be teaching the Beginner React Native workshop! It's going to be a lot of fun and very educational so If you've signed up for it I look forward to seeing you there!

This issue features some interesting beginner and advanced articles as well as a pretty ambitious new navigation module. We're still waiting on a React Native version release, but it seems it is just around the corner- read more about it here.

Executive Editor,
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Create an Advanced Component Using React Native’s Built-in PanResponder and Animated APIs— Video Tutorial

How to bind three core React Native APIs (Animated API, ScrollView, PanResponder API) to create some interesting and useful UI/UX patterns.

Getting started with ReasonML and React Native

A walk-through on how to get up and running with ReasonML in you React Native project.

React Native: The Native Parts (Android Edition)

A guide to the tricks you need to know to unleash React Native’s full potential Android including: embedding React Native into an existing Android app, implementing custom native components, invoking native methods from JavaScript, and triggering JavaScript methods from native.

24 Tips for React Native You Probably Want to Know

Great tips to keep in mind while you're working in your React Native project.

Building a Reddit Image Search App with React Native

After learning React Native for about a week, this author developed a Subreddit Image Search App and shares his experience to help beginners build their first app.

Chain React Conference 2018

One month until the U.S. React Native conference in Portland, OR!
Workshops are sold out but limited tickets remain for the 2-day conference. Check out the speaker lineup here and get your tickets before they're gone!



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