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Hello Readers,

Happy May Day! It's a special day for me's my birthday!
If that wasn't enough to get excited about, we have some cool React Native modules and articles in this newsletter that I'm sure you'll enjoy. I'll be at Collision Conf this week so if you're around tweet @infinite_frank and say hi! I'll try to post pics of the conf and the awesome speakers.

In other news: We're going to start a "Word Wednesday" on our Twitter account where we list and define a method, term, or related React Native word that you need to get in your vernacular or just to refresh your lexicon. Stay tuned for the official announcement or Tweet us some cool words you've come across that you think other React Native developers should know.
Executive Editor,
Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

React Native Performance: Building a Fast and Responsive UI

A quick run down of a few tips and tricks to make your app's UI faster and more responsive.

Building a Minimalist Weather App Using Expo XDE

Walk-through of building a “minimalist” weather application using React Native by fetching real-time data.

How to Build a Nested Drawer Menu with React Native

How to build a nested, multi-level drawer menu using React Native and React Navigation.

Fluid Transitions with React Navigation

Incorporate React Navigation Fluid Transitions to control individual transitions for your UX elements during navigation as an add-on to React Navigation. 🤗

Get Detailed Feedback from Users In-App

Tired of wasting time debugging your react native app and not focusing on what matters? Instabug SDK is here to help you minimize your debugging time by sending you complete environment details, network logs, and repro-steps with every bug and crash report. All data is attached automatically including native and javascript stack trace.

The top mobile companies like Lyft, eBay, PayPal, and 9gag rely on Instabug to enhance their app quality and iterate faster. It only takes a line of code to integrate the SDK.

Chain React Conference 2018

We've just announced the schedule for Chain React 2018, the React Native conference! We're adding lightning talks this year — check out the website for a look at the variety of topics being covered. Tickets are selling fast. Get yours before they're gone!

Collision Conference 2018

Just hanging out with Bilal Soylu, Andy James, and Matthew Stegall of XcooBee! Their app is built with React Native, too. Photo credit Gant Laborde

Expo SDK v27.0.0

Expo SDK v27.0.0 is based on the recently released React Native 0.55 “March 2018”. The previous SDK release, v26.0.0, was based on React Native 0.54, “February 2018”.





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