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Happy April! We've got another fun issue for you again with some selected posts, cool modules, and a new React Native version. We're steadily climbing towards 10,000 subscribers as Chain React approaches and we're getting closer every day. Don't forget we're giving out 25 discount codes once we hit 10,000 subscribers. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for other posts and updates that didn't make it into this newsletter. Until the next issue...enjoy!
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Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red

Mobile App Development with React Native

Build or reinforce your React Native fundamentals with slides, source code, and videos in this course from Harvard College's CS50.

How I Created Burst’s Mind Bending Animations with React Native

A walk-through of the animations used in Burst for a real-world look at the Animated API in action.

Viewport-Aware Components for React Native Apps

A few handy utilities that make React Native components aware of their position in a ScrollView - for lazy loading, video autoplay, view tracking, and more.

UI Guideline Specific Titles (Including iOS Large Titles) with the Animated API

Add large titles to your screen that animate when the user scrolls.

March 2018 - RN 0.55.0





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