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Welcome to the new and improved layout of the React Native Newsletter! It's a cleaner and more flexible layout to bring you the best in React Native. Hope you enjoy it!


We'd like to welcome all of the new subscribers and thank you all for spreading the word. Please keep it up! Once we hit 10,000, the following newsletter will contain a discount code to Chain React for the first 25 purchasers!


Starting with this issue, we’ve also moved the official vault of issues over to Medium. The old issues will continue to live at, which get a new look soon.




We’re now releasing the React Native Newsletter bi-weekly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month!


Since we're releasing more frequently, you'll notice that this issue isn't as long as some previous issues. But don't worry - posts, articles, videos, and more that don't make it into the newsletter will be tweeted on the RNN twitter account, so look for more updates and content there!


P.S. If you're in New Orleans this week at Jazzcon, come say "Hi!" as I'll be assisting Gant Laborde with teaching the React Native Workshop.

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Frank von Hoven at Infinite Red


R E A C T   N A T I V E
This Month's Top Picks

Wait… What Happens When my React Native Application Starts? — An In-depth Look Inside React Native

Discover how React Native functions internally, and what it does for you without you knowing it.

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What the React Native Docs Forgot to Tell You About Animations

A nice and easy to understand exploration of React Native's Animated API.

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Build a Simple Video Streaming App with OpenTok & React Native

Useful steps to build a simple mobile application that allows the user to live-stream their mobile camera using OpenTok and React Native.


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Essential Tools for React Native Development

A compiled list of essential tools useful for React Native development.

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Unstated — The setState of React State Management

An overview of using Unstated for state management in your React Native app.

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R E A C T  N A T I V E
This Month's Updates

February 2018 - 0.54

  • Long awaited Blob changes: upload, download, fetch locally, and more
  • Sticky headers now work on inverted Lists
  • Update to the newest React, which deprecated some lifecycle methods and added new ones – expect Yellowbox until React Native is updated
  • Space-evenly is now there (sorry for the confusion with 0.52's release notes)
  • A lot of under-the-covers work on Yoga, iOS's Text and TextInput, and a ton of other areas
  • Multiple crash fixes
  • Read more

R E A C T  N A T I V E
Community Highlights


Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. Read more.


Use custom input views such as an image gallery, stickers, etc. replace the system keyboard. Read more.


A Picker component for React Native which emulates the native <select> interfaces for iOS and Android. Read more.


Create tips on your app to help your new users understand how to use your app. Read more.

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