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The last issue was full of some great info from React Conf 2017 as well as the usual treasure trove of goodies from the React Native Community.  There are a lot of good things are happening in the world of React Native and React. React Amsterdam is happening at the end of this month and there's sure to be some great presentations and articles coming out of that conference that should make it into the next newsletter.

Additionally, two great React Native conferences are happening very soon:

Chain React in July
React Native EU in September

So be sure to get your tickets now so you can personally meet and learn from the thought leaders in the React Native community as well as other developers, engineers, designers, and all around cool people who make up the React Native community.

This issue has some great articles, including: editing photos right in your app, that new navigation the cool kids have been talking about, a new RN version, as well as some cool videos and modules...you'll see!

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